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At the parent company of the Manhattan Vintage Show (Shop Extraordinary Enterprises), I am the Social Media Manager. For the M.V.S brand, I mainly manage video production at the event and lead influencer marketing strategy to engage brand partners and maintain relationships with them to increase brand awareness.


Video Production

I produced multiple social-first videos at the event, together which were able to amass 300K+ impressions and 200+ engaged commenters. To cross promote M.V.S, I incorporated the established channels of the other brands (Artists & Fleas, Regeneration) under the umbrella.


Influencer Marketing

Using the influencer marketing strategy I lead, the brand was able to garner 1.8M impressions and 80K engagements on average per campaign. By sourcing creators on social media channels organically, I set guidelines for, coordinate and contract a diverse array of influencers within the vintage fashion niche to create engaging video content.

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