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At Regeneration, I am the Head of Social Media, meaning I spearhead social media content strategy and produce the photo and video content posted to the brand's organic channels. I also lead influencer marketing strategy to engage brand partners and maintain relationships with them to increase brand awareness.


Content Creation

I audited the brand's organic social channels to inform and implement a new content strategy targeting a Gen Z audience, which led to a +4% increase in the account's engagement rate and 3K+ following growth within the first 90 days. By using memes and relatable videos with a humorous and inviting tone, the account is engaging over 200K accounts on a monthly basis. I manage the content team to coordinate and capture photo and video content on a weekly basis.



Video Production

Using the content strategy I craft informed with timely and relevant trend research, I arrange and produce video content, including interviews. Across social channels with the help of a content team, these posts were able to amass viral growth with over 5M impressions in total.


Influencer Marketing

By sourcing creators on social media channels organically, I set guidelines for, coordinate and contract influencers to create engaging content for the brand, with an average reach of 150K+ per campaign.


Graphic Design

The graphics I created in accordance to the new content strategy garnered 87k unique impressions with an 8% engagement rate. Below is a gallery of just a few of the original pieces I created using Adobe Photoshop and Canva following brand guidelines.

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