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As the Founder and Creative Director of Feriya, I lead all marketing efforts along with sourcing and photographing inventory and managing e-commerce on Shopify and Depop. Feriya is my vintage and preloved apparel brand, based in New York City. One of a kind pieces sourced in the United States, handpicked for fairies. 




My promotion of the brand on social media has resulted in 110+ sales on a 26% profit margin. I source, style, photograph and categorize items for the Shopify and Depop shop platforms while optimizing my listings to appear in search results through tagging and copywriting.


Content Creation

By creating brand guidelines and incorporating them with my artistic vision for the brand, I curate an aesthetically pleasing feed that effortlessly promotes sales.



Website Design

Through the help of a coded theme, I built a store on Shopify that communicates a strong brand identity, while allowing shoppers to easily navigate and categorize the 100+ clothing, accessories and shoes listings by aesthetic, material and more.


Customer Relationship Management

Communicating directly with customers, utilizing my customer service skills and applying insights from analyzing data pertaining to the wants and needs of my niche target audience, I'm able to maintain a 4.9 star customer rating.

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